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Rossignol Allspeed Visor Impacts Photochromic White Woman

The new VISOR helmet provides seamless helmet and goggle integration, offering a wider field of vision and complete protection from the elements.


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This Rossignol Allspeed Viso helmet is a ski helmet designed for women who practice alpine skiing in all conditions. Through its features, this Rossignol visor helmet model is the ideal companion for all your outings.

The visor helmet has been designed to bring even more comfort and safety to passionate skiers seeking a sober and modern style. The integrated visor offers unparalleled optical comfort thanks to a panoramic field of vision. Its photochromic processing S1-S3 allows a quick adjustment of the screen to the weather conditions to allow you to hit tracks regardless of the weather conditions. Featuring IMPACTS technology for reliable and durable protection against repeated bumps, 3D earcups for enhanced comfort and hearing , and the R-Fit thumbwheel for a simple, precise size adjustment ;


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